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Angelic Realms

Angels, Our Heavenly Brothers and Sisters Funshop

Angels our Cosmic Brethren are always ready, willing and able to serve us. They only await our call for help and they respond in the same moment. Many times we could have called on this help but somehow we chose to try and do things on our own. They are not allowed to infringe on someone’s Free Will and Dominion nor are they allowed to make Choices for us. Angels are now waiting for you to invite them in so that they can assist you in whatever you want.

Come and play with your Angel Guides like your Guardian Angel and consciously establish a relationship that is deep and enduring. We will see, hear and feel Angels all around us once we learn to awaken what is already innately within us to communicate with these Celestial Beings who are anxiously waiting for you to come and experience the simplicity of communication with them.

Under their loving direction and guidance we will enjoy and delight ourselves in the wonderful, mystical, magical realms of the Angels. We will come to accept and welcome their help in our daily lives so we can make the changes and do the things we once feared because we thought we were not good enough.

We will discover all their hierarchy’s in detail and learn of the Special Angels of the Seven Rays Archangel Michael and the other Archangels who also wait for you to come to play with them and experience their Joy and Love, which will leave an imprint on your life forever. We are ALL Angels, Children of God who are now choosing to Re-Member that We Are Spirit.

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