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Martial Arts

Tibetan Rites

The Five rites for “Rejuvenation: as outlined in Peter Kelder’s Eye of Revelation brings the ancient mysteries of the Tibetan High Priests secrets for longevity, vitality and youth. Thousands of years have passed by since their inception yet they remain effective today. It is a necessary part in the alignment and strengthening of the physical and etheric bodies in preparation for the work of a dedicated Initiate committed to serving God and their fellow Brothers and sisters and All that is.

The practice and diligent use of these rites does reverse the aging process because they stimulate the flow of human vitality, the energy associated with the long sought after “Fountain of Youth.”

Allow yourself to learn these easy to learn and do rites that have timeless results they work. It only takes about 10-20 minutes to do and the rewards outweigh the minimal time and effort. Discover for yourself the energy vortexes and join others in the “Himalayan Club” as we discuss and practice the Rites.


Qi Kung

Brings body energies back into proper balance. This art may be used to heal yourself, your loved ones and those around you. Absent healing is possible. Scientific research exists proving the extrodinary powers of Chi Kung masters. 

Following in this path one experiences healing of the four lower bodies and proximity of the Source of ALL being.


T'ai Chi
Way of the Peaceful Warrior

Through this moving meditation and breathing exercise participants improve overall health and balance. 

Regular practice promotes discipline, self-esteem, focus, concentartion, mental alertness, relaxation, confidence and a greater sense of well being. 

Discipline and self-mastery skills are imbedded into their consciousness.

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